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A workplace to envy

“There’s a great sense of camaraderie and competition in both offices – Bury and Norwich. There are no egos here and there’s a good mix of male and female. Everyone genuinely gets on at work and out of work and we all look out for one another. I doubt there is another recruitment agency like it in the country.”

Liam Flegg, Consultant – IT, Norwich

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Why is this such a great place to work?

  • People are encouraged to communicate with each other regardless of which team they are in
  • Colleagues support each other and are willing to explain things to you when you are not sure of something
  • People will look out for you when you are new and will regularly check that you are OK
  • There’s a diverse mix of people with different skills, backgrounds and outside interests so it’s a stimulating place to be
  • There is an inclusive culture which means no one is left out
  • Socially it’s lively with plenty of nights out and out of work activities to take part in
  • The offices themselves are brilliantly located at the heart of the action
  • Inside the offices are modern, light and airy
  • There’s a Friday beer fridge – what more could you ask for?
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