Inspirational Leaders

“What I really love is that our two founders – Jane and Charlotte – still play an active role in the business. They are really down to earth and get stuck in with client work. They don’t have a fancy office, just hot desk with the rest of us. Along with Simon, our leadership team is there to help and support us and we get on like a house on fire.”

David Sheldon-Smillie, Principal Consultant – IT, Norwich

Want to know more?

What’s so great about our leadership team?

  • They are all actively involved in the business giving it a different dynamic to other agencies
  • They are very visible and get involved in projects bringing with them experience and ideas
  • They gel very well as a team all bringing something different to the office
  • The management team show and interest in us and what we do as they have a stake in our performance
  • They are ambitious which makes you ambitious
  • And leadership doesn’t stop there – all the managers are empowered to be equally involved
  • Other managers will make sure newcomers are given the support and attention they need if their own line manager is away
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