Vision & Values

Our values are very important to us. They guide the way we go about our business and ensure that we deliver the right service to our clients and candidates.


Confidence with Knowledge

We want to be known and relied upon as real experts in our chosen fields.  We are committed to investing the time we need to really understand the markets we operate in by networking, reading widely and meeting our candidates and clients. 

Whether you are a client or a candidate when you interact with one of our team we want you to be reassured that you are in safe hands.  You can expect a quiet confidence that is underpinned by a deep knowledge of our role as recruiters and the issues you face in your sector or business area.  You will know we are working hard to find the best solution for you and will provide you with honest, constructive feedback along the way.  We will listen carefully, consult widely and communicate confidently throughout the process. 

We believe it is our knowledge and our specialist approach that makes us the go to agency for professional and technical recruitment in East Anglia and beyond.

Winning with Style

We’re not ashamed to admit we’re competitive.  We want to win.  We want to outperform our competitors and we want to deliver outstanding results for our clients and our candidates. 

But we also want to do this with dignity, integrity and style.  We want to create successful outcomes for the clients we partner with by helping them build their businesses and for the candidates we represent by enabling them to achieve their career ambitions.  When you engage with Cooper Lomaz you should feel like you’re winning and if you’re winning then we’re winning!

Passion with Precision

We’re passionate about what we do.  Our mission each and every day is to brilliantly connect the best candidates with the best organizations in the East of England and beyond.

We’re passionate about delivering the greatest quality of service, making our business and consultants stand out from the crowd.  We’re passionate about getting to know you and your business. We’re passionate about really understanding your aspirations and ambitions.

But passion alone is not enough - we want to combine it with careful, accurate and thoughtful work of the highest quality.  Enthusiasm to get results must be tempered by real precision in our matching and shortlisting.  Developing a reputation for getting this right is crucial for the sort of high quality bespoke recruitment that we love!

Energy with Empathy

We want you to know we’ll work hard on your behalf.  We love what we do and this infuses our business with a high level of energy.  We’re in the office early and we work hard to get the job done.

We’re also in recruitment because we’re people people.  We’re interested in what makes you tick.  We care about the stuff that keeps you awake at night.  We’re curious about your products and services, your ideas, your dreams.  Our success over the last 26 years has come from this strong desire to really get to know our clients and candidates.  We like to build business relationships that last and last. 

At those crucial points when you’re making a critical hire or considering a life changing job move we want you to know we’re on your side and we’ve got it covered.